Luiza & Goga

  • The Best
    The Best
  • Final Gala Concert-Luiza, Ben & Masha
    Final Gala Concert-Luiza, Ben & Masha
  • Final Gala Concert
    Final Gala Concert
  • Final Gala Concert-Luiza & Goga
    Final Gala Concert-Luiza & Goga
  • Victorius Finale
    Victorius Finale
  • Performance Show #10
    Performance Show #10

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Was born on 1968, Sochi /RF/.
Studied in secondary school after Chekhov.
Graduated the piano department of Sayat-Nova music school.
In 1985 got accepted to the "Dental" faculty of State Medical Institute.
From 1986-88 served in the army.
In 1992 graduated from the Medical Institute.
From 1988 played in some performances, is one of the founders of "Metro" theater.
From 1992 is a solo in Song State Theater.
From 1998 is a solo singer.
From 1990 works as humorous programs author, humorist-actor, professional showman.
In 2000 started working in USA as an actor, humorist and singer, as a presenter of different television shows.